Friday, April 17, 2015

Closing in on the half-way mark - the Great Purge of 2015

Drum roll of today our family as purged 963 items from our home since January 1st! Yes, we are closing in on the half-way mark!  Accomplishments this week are due in large part to being party-poopers.

Not so long ago we threw several parties a year at our home -- a fall celebration, a Pi Day party in March, and then a gathering for the free Opera in the Park just around the corner.  When the number of guests swelled, we opted for a once a year Hello Summer party at a local State Park.  It was nice, but instead of an annual event, it will be a one and only.  The reasons are complicated, but boil down to time.  We have little free time and opt to focus on smaller, more frequent gatherings with a smaller group of friends over the once a year bash with those we rarely see.  One day we'll go back to hosting parties, but for the near future, lights out.

With that decision comes the realization we no longer need the plates, cups and utensils we'd bought at Goodwill. The idea was to use things over and over, washing after each party.  A frugal and earth friendly approach to entertainment.  Into the Honda trunk went the supplies, and off to Goodwill they will go.  Should we decide to through a party where we need lots of plates and cups there is never a shortage at our local thrift stores.  No need to store them here.

With this great purge comes the desire to clear out cabinet and closet space, allowing us to give permanent places for the items we treasure and opt to keep.  A great mantra I've read was never put something down, put it away.  To do that, everything needs a home.  And even though we are 963 items fewer here, we still have a lot of things that need a Nikon for one!

Check in next week to see if we cross the 1,000 mark.  And there will likely be intermittent posts -- our local farmers' market season starts Saturday.  Our chest freezer is empty of all items from last season.  No, not used up, just small enough to fit into the fridge freezer for easy access and contemplation over recipes.

Thanks for reading, and keep on being frugal!

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