Friday, April 24, 2015

Good-bye HP Calculator: The purge of 2015 continues!

As a steady spring rain falls outside the window I hit sum on the spread sheet titled "2015 Purge". With a click  I learn we have purged 1,034 items from our house since the first of the year.  Yes, we passed the 1,000 mark, inching our way closer to 2,015 items gone by years end!  It was looking like a small increase this week until yesterday, when I tackled by home office, purging binder after binder of outdated materials.  Papers went into the recycle bin, binders boxed for a Goodwill donation.  Yet it was one small item whose departure was most husband's 20 year old HP graphing calculator. Turned obsolete by the power of computers and more recently phones (apparently there in as app to mimick the calculator) he posted it on Ebay.  To our delight it was sought after, fetching $152 on the auction site.

1,000 items and change gone, but there is still plenty to relocate here in our frugal home.  Thanks for following along, and have a frugal weekend!

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  1. It was hard to say goodbye. That calculator had so much power. But for calculator tasks, my HP 33S is faster and easier to carry around. If I need more functionality, I turn to a computer. When I was packing it up to ship, though, for a second I considered refunding the money to buyer and saying I could part with it. I'm glad I did though. I can buy another one if I ever want it.