Friday, April 10, 2015

Status Check -- Purging 2,015 items in 2015

With a few hours left in this Friday I am happy to report that our home has 814 fewer items!  Yes, we are closing in on the half-way mark of 2,015 items out the door this calendar year!  Accomplishments this week mainly fall into the category of books -- big books (think dictionaries), kids books, piano books from the 1980s -- all out the door. Some donated others recycled. We also started purging from the garage -- it is amazing how quickly something leaves when posted for free on social media. The highlight was finding a home for two kids bike helmets -- several have been passed on to us, now we paid it forward.

Reflecting for a moment, our house still feels as though it were bursting at the seems with stuff.  Stuff that we do not love or treasure, stuff that just accumulates.  We have a lot more to purge.  The one big thing I can tell about this purge is how it has shut down my purchasing, and that is from someone who doesn't really shop much. On numerous occasions I have found myself delaying a purchase, knowing that under our rules this year any new item negates any item purged, zeroing out the effort. While I may not see the difference on the floors our counters (isn't that were all stuff congregates!), I can see a difference in our spending.  It's down, and that makes me smile.

Thanks for tuning in.  I am signing off just as my bike-riding husband returns from his late-night run to the library for our weeks worth of entertainment.  Keep it frugal!

P.S. "I could only find one of your library items, so I asked.....says my smiling husband upon walking in from the garage.  To which the library staff responded, ohhh, when someone gets that many holds we set them aside in a bin, here they are!"  Yep, we make the most of the free items at our local library - do you?

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