Monday, April 13, 2015

Track 11: Follow Your Arrow

"Say what you feel.  
Love who you love.  
Cause you just get so many trips around the sun.
You only live once....
Follow your arrow wherever it points."   

Pressed in an interview to declare my theme song, it would be Follow Your Arrow by Kacey Musgraves.  Filled with numerous quotable phrases, it is track 11 on her CD that gets cranked up daily while starting the oatmeal, sweeping crumbs from under the chairs, or prepping coffee for the next morning.  Those who know the personal details of my childhood will be able to take one listen and know my heart aches that this song was not out there for my mom when she was a young women, battling the scorn of small town life filled with small minded folks.

"Cause you just get so many trips around the sun" -- a beckon of words reminding me, prioritize.  As the song plays in my mind, or on my little thrift store score of radio/CD player sitting on the kitchen counter, releasing the butter bell I purchased sometime ago is easy to send off to Goodwill.  My purge of 2015 has now extended to the intangible.  Today I said good-bye today to a volunteer position I have held for about 7 years.  Musgraves sings "love who you love", and I'd offer up, love what you love - pitch the rest!

Follow your arrow wherever it points she sings. Yes, and mine points down a frugal path as I make my trips around the sun. One where life balances in favor of my health, my budget, and my planet.   Take a listen, and start tossing what you do not love!

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