Friday, May 15, 2015


Loyal readers will note that it is Friday and this post is titled with a number.  Must be the number of purged items, a reader would guess.  And that reader would be correct.  As of today our family has purged 1,121 items from our home.  With the ultimate goal being to rid our home of 2,015 items in calendar year 2015.  We're doing well it seems.

After hitting the sum symbol on the spread sheet I am using to track this venture, 1121 appeared and it felt odd.  Why?  That was the house number of my youth.  That was the house number of the home I recently emptied after the death of my second parent. That was the number of the ranch house packed with items from decades past, most of which held little or no meaning to me and were sold, recycled, donated or trashed.  The experience of emptying a departed loved ones home reinforced my desire to live in a home with few but deeply loved and treasured items.  Clutter be gone!

Nearly half-way through the year it has been an interesting exercise.  I've found myself delaying and delaying shopping for spring/summer clothing.  Heavy basket after basket of outdated paperwork I reflect on times past -- the days of in-home nanny payroll are behind us now -- recycle that binder after shredding the materials.   The goal is to fill our home more with memories and happy times rather than a relentless pursuit of stuff that has to be maintained.

1121 -- a cartoon floating around Facebook comes to find.  It's Winnie the Pooh and says it is not the places you go that matter, but rather who you go with.  Spinning off on that I would say, it is not what you own that matters, but who you share your time with.

I am not completely devoid of sentimentality.  Each morning, after walking our oldest to school, I return home and just before passing through the bright red door on our ranch home I pause to gaze at the ferns, hostas, and  peonies that once bloomed in my parents yard.  Those very plants were dug up with my own plans and loving transplanted to my yard.  They made it through the move, and have greeted the Spring as I hoped.  1121 -- there were some things I simply had to hold on to.

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