Friday, May 29, 2015

A Gain of 16

Friday, check in day here on Frugal Upside.  For those tracking our progress to rid our house of 2,015 items in 2015.....we discarded 16 this past week giving us a grand total of 1,137 items purge!  Just 16 this week, down considerably from the first few weeks of this effort.

Initially I assumed the low number was due to lack of time.  The more time I spend at the office, the less time I have at home to sort and purge.  And I have been busy, so busy typing away at the office I have developed a nasty case of tendinitis.  However, I realized that what is really missing is the low hanging fruit,not a time issue.  The time has come to role up my sleeves and dig in, really seeking out things that we do not need to house.  The approaching end of preschool for our youngest gives me the focus on ridding the house of all toddler related items.  Lurking there in drawers and cabinets are items from the days of naps and pacifiers.  Really, our kitchen does not need to hold on to the red handled spork.

Our backdrop of frugal living still supports our daily lives behind the purge efforts.  With the fast approach of the month of June, the dandelions in our yard have begun their retreat.  Unlike many of our neighbors we do not use an sprays to "beautify" the lawn.  Weeds sprawl, bees buzz, and I turn the solicitor from "Weed Man" down with a smile.  Good for my budget, likely better for my health, and certainly better for the area lakes and ground water.

As we transition into a another weekend, I find myself with an impressive "to-cook" list.  A double batch of chili (using leftover pork roast and corn on the cob), chicken soup, and a creative take on corn bread, improvising from the cheddar & chive scone recipes I've been reading.  Chives -- they've flourished in our front yard, and it is high time I put them to use!

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