Friday, May 1, 2015

Out With The Old, In With The ....... Nothing!

Happy Friday dear reader!  My posts have been less frequent this month; busy with legal work, raising kids, and nurturing a marriage.  Frugal thoughts pop in and out of brain, but time runs out by days end and I am unable to put them into a post.  But Fridays, Fridays are accountability day and I feel required to delay the grocery shopping to share with you that as of today, we have purged 1,073 items from our home.  Yes, we are still making progress towards are goal of eliminating 2,015 items in 2015!

This week the bulk of progress was made by me taking no pity on my closet.  Motivated by Facebook chatter of creative people wearing a "uniform" I dove into the idea harbored in my mind.  Have the most simple wardrobe possible.  I mean 1 pair of jeans, some basic white t-shirts, and then work clothes centered around black, brown and gray.  I am an estate planning attorney -- shouldn't black be my color?  The idea is to have key pieces that basically go with one another, that are "spiced" up with color via a scarf, shoes, maybe a belt (confession, I do not currently own a belt).

Time, I talk about it all the time as my most precious resource.  Put another way, I only get 24 hours to a day and it seems as there are always more items to enjoy than hours in the day.  So why no eliminate the daily "what am I going to wear" or the rummaging around in laundry trying to find something to go with the cardigan.  No -- drastic measures are playing out in my closet!  Basics, basics, basics......mostly in black!

Thank you BecomingMinamilist for this inspiring post.  Now, let the "commentary" begin....I know a few of my regular readers will gasp at such an idea!  I love discussion -- go!

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