Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Back Porch Hair Cuts: Living Frugal in Madison, WI

Skipped the salon,and opted for hair cuts on the back porch at home. Water bottle, scissors, one kid then the other.  Snip, snip to her bangs, then chop, chop away at my his hair.  Taming the bushy hair that appears to grow overnight, just as he does.  In less than 20 minutes both were "freshened up", while the other played in the yard.  No mess to clean up, just brush the chopped hair to the ground where it will continue its organic process, becoming part of the soil.  An ideal frugal move for our home.  Happy to save $30 on the cost of cuts, no schlepping off to the mini-mall, no real stress of transitioning little kids from one activity to another.  Perfect!

Keeping it frugal here this week, how about you?  Are home haircuts the norm or going to far for you my fellow frugal reader?

P.S. the cheesey chive corn bread from yesterday's post received a 3 out of 5 on the taste scale.  Mom and daughter approved, son took one bite and set it aside, and to my surprise, my husband gave it an "ahhh, it's okay I guess".

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