Friday, June 5, 2015

Frugal: About To Get Serious!

In our frugal home, Friday has become ice cream day.  Yes, I know that today is officially National Donut Day, but it is Friday in my planner, so it is ice cream for us -- plus, I have a coupon to use. So after collecting both kids from school, we'll celebrate the end of the week with a cone from Chocolate Shoppe (if you are ever in Madison -- this is the place to go for locally delicious goodness!).  This week we will also be celebrating the last full week of school for the kids. While my alarm is still set for 5:35am this coming Monday, the days of school are few and the days reduced.  With the release from school comes a frugal Mama reducing her work schedule.  Working for yourself has many perks, and opting to work 2 afternoons and 1 full day a week so to be able to frolic with kiddos while they still enjoy mom time, is one of those perks.

Chocolate Shoppe has one flavor that stands out in my mind today, it is called This #@*# Just Got Serious!  Fantastically popular I have yet to try the flavor, being a lady of routine and always ordering Door County Cherry, it could be my motto for the summer months here on Frugal Upside.
Summer will mean fewer hours at the office and more time with our children.  Childcare will be in the form of instruction -- two afternoons of swim camp where each will receive a lesson, as well as free play and craft time.  All day Friday will be spent at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center focused on hands-on science.  With the exception of the commute time, the rest of their programming will be devoted to supporting my legal work.  For the first in a long time, we are not paying for surplus and likely unused childcare.  Nope, its the bare minimum.  This also means my income will be down over the summer. Giving me time and motivation to take our frugal life up a notch!

Stay tuned as we work to purge those 2,015 items from our home and stretch the utility of what we purchase -- with the end result being good for our wallet, our budget, and our planet.  To close, I will inform you that we have now rid our home of 1,166 items.  Will we break the 1200 mark next week? Subscribe for email alerts to follow our progress, leave a comment to inspire us, and thanks for reading!

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