Saturday, June 27, 2015

Frugal Ways to Entertain Kids While Traveling

One might think at 5 and 3 the kids were too young for the license plate game.  Wrong!  Okay, last year they could not read the plates themselves.  This year our oldest can, and your youngest is striving to keep up.  Using a printed US map from the web and a keen eye for odd license plates, we've had some epic license plate games.  The Hunt of 2014 ended with all but Delaware.  Oh where or where was Delaware.

The Hunt of 2015 (each year begins with our annual Bayfield trek and continues until we hit all 50) is going well, nearly  half the map is filled in.  But the running joke became "we'll need to go to Delaware to ever get that plate!", especially after I spotted a US Virgin Islands plate at the coffee shop after work -- seriously, that one, but no Delaware.

And then, as stepped off a lovely little hiking bath around the corner from our condo in Bayfield, there it was -- a white car with Delaware plates!  Colored in on the map, the hunt will continue for the rest of the states over our upcoming frugal road trips, where we explore the world with little use of technology (we are not purists).

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