Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hello Iris: More From A Frugal Garden

Firmly planted in the growing season here in the Midwest, I find myself once or twice a week pushing our trusty push mower to cut the grass.  Lawns -- they do get me outside and keep me somewhat active by requiring me to mow.  But they suck a lot of energy (physical and water), time and resources -- especially if you want a lush verdant carpet surrounding your home).  In our frugal home we want some lawn, enough for the kids to kick around a ball.  And we have that, in the back yard.  Our front yard, located on a busy road, begs to be turned into something less needy.  And year by year I am working to fulfill the goal.  Having killed off a decent part of grass and removed ugly pine-like bushes, there are some gaping holes to fill in out front.

Annuals are not my go to because, well they only give you one season. I am in search of the perennial, once planted will keep on giving year after year.  And because of that ability, plants are not inexpensive.  But I am fond of certain ones, the purple iris co-shares the top spot on my list with the poppy.  Faint memories of the wall along my great-grandmother's home lined with the lush purple of an iris, scattered with raspberry bushes.  The memory evokes a smile and a feeling of warmth, and oh how I would like beds of irises for our home.

By now you've noted the photo with the box of irises. No, I did not purchase them, but rather rescued from the curb of a neighbor.  Her post on Facebook to our neighborhood page was only minutes old, seen just as I grabbed my keys to head out and pick the kids up from school.  Thrill took hold of my stomach as I turned onto the street listed, and there sat two huge boxes of irises.  I took one, counting my lucky starts that this adored plant would now take up residence in my yard.  Filling in the void, and reminding me with each glance of the beloved great-grandmother I adored, so much so that my daughter is named in her honor.  No expense needed, just a struck of good fortune.  Recognizing this good karma from the curb, I plan to pay it forward by offering up other plants and items from our home and yard that will hopefully put the smile on the face of another frugal person, willing to welcome the cast-offs of others.

That is the story of my iris beds, what's your frugal reader?

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