Thursday, June 11, 2015

Up-Gifting: When Up-Cycling Meets Re-Gifting

There is up-cycling (where you take an item and turn it into something else; a glass jelly jar becomes a candle) and there is re-gifting (where you pass along a gift you received, but did not use, to another.  For example, giving a box of lotions with a scent you do not favor to a friend recovering from surgery).  And now I give you up-gifting; one part turning something you have into something else, and one-part giving the final product as a gift.

A violet plant pot had sat on a shelf in our garage for a good two years.  With the Purge of 2015 it was earmarked to be donated to Goodwill.  For some reason it still remained on the shelf.  When the invitation arrived for our daughter to a dear friend's birthday, inspiration hit.  Have our daughter, known for her love of art, paint the pot for her friend, add a violet, and give it as a lasting birthday gift.  Knowing the birthday child's mother well, I know that this would be a treasured item as she detests the cheap, plastic, overly pink toys as much if not more than I do.

I give you the up-gift -- reused, reformed, and given with love (and just a bit of pink).  I challenge you to look around your space. What do you no longer need?  Can you do something with it other than toss it in the trash or recycle bin -- extend its utility, open your mind.  It is great for the wallet, your spirit, and the planet.

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