Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Welcome to the Jungle - Comments on a Frugal Garden

Two weekends ago my youngest climbed into bed with me for a snuggle on a lazy, slow-start Sunday.  After sometime she popped up, pulled back the curtain and declared with her four year old voice, "wow, the yard is really green now!  It looks like a jungle out there." And after a brief pause added, "I hope a monkey doesn't move in."

She scampered off down the hall to begin her day while I not only chuckled at her comment, but thought, she's right -- our yard is out of control!  The seed was planted, tame the yard.  Where it festered until this past weekend.

Word of mouth among my neighbors tell us that two families prior to ours lived in our home.  He was a doctor, she had family from Illinois that worked in landscaping.  Over weekends with her family, our backyard was sculpted with a stone path and patio and the addition of hardy perennials and ground cover.  They moved on, someone else moved in, and then in 2010 we moved it.  The garden has taken life into its own hands, hands that threaten to strangle a leg that dares walk across the path.

What they worked hard to plant, nurture and see grow, I now seek to tame.  And that means in part, kill off!  My first move was to create a path to the water faucet.  Mission accomplished using leftover carpet remnant that had been taking up space in the basement, over which is dumped three bags of cypress mulch (cost $12).  And voila, a path and fewer growth in the backyard.

If you have thoughts or suggestions on frugal ways to reclaim our backyard space, please leave a comment!

Putting down the carpet.

Toss down some mulch, and voila - path!

 From the house, my husband opted to play me some gardening music -- 
he has a song for everything - Welcome to the Jungle by Guns and Roses.

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