Thursday, June 4, 2015

When A Frugal Home Decides to Purge!

A pictorial of the fraction of the items we have discarded since January 1st.  Our goal?  To rid our home of 2,015 items in 2015.  We are at about the half-way mark.  Tune in this Friday for the weekly update on items moved on to another life!

Why the effort?  A frugal home is an efficient one, and when you are constantly tripping over, moving, or walking around clutter, it is near impossible to be efficient.  It was a vacation that drove this idea to reality -- if we don't need it when we are away, why do we hold on to it?  Yes, there are some items we use once a year, but love.  And then there are the scads of items that slither into our lives that take up space and energy.  This year we'll say good-bye, lighten our load, turn some into cash, and have a home that is (I hope) far easier to clean!  Will we make it to 2,015? The long-hanging fruit are gone, it's time to get serious!

These came with the house.....back in 2010!
Listed for free on Craigslist, gone within an hour.

A desk that simply was not needed, and a perfect space for clutter to build.  
Sold it on Craigslist for $75

Came with the house, sold for $10!

Inherited from my parent's home.  Sold on Ebay -- price escapes my memory.

Yet another relic from prior owner(s)?  Free via Craigslist, gone within a day!

And yet, there is more to be purged.  What will be next?

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