Friday, July 10, 2015

And The Purge Continues: Frugal Living 101

Over the summer a new weekly tradition has cropped up for me, going to Goodwill.  However, unlike many frugal folks I am not there for the deals.  I've done that, and will return down the road.  But for now my only aim is to drop stuff off.  Stuff and more stuff as we work to purge 2,015 items from our house in 2015.  The aim - to be surrounded by the the things we adore and cannot do without, and just that.  Goodbye clutter.

Even though we are over the half-way mark in the year, and have now purged 1,372 items through recycling, donation, free on the curb and other means, our house is still cluttered!  There is improvement, but we have plenty of "stuff" to work with.  Our main goal is to clear out the unnecessary and create homes for that we love.  Ideally an item will be returned to its specific home rather than set on random counter tops that happen to be clear.  Time will tell.

Shot from the Goodwill drop off in Monona.  I am there every Friday, just before picking the kids up at Science Camp at the Aldo Leopold Nature Center.  Killing two birds with one stone!

The randomly selected Little Free Library where I deposited 6 of the 16 books that left our abode this week.  With the Honda parked around the corner, I used foot power to stop at the library for weekend DVDs (stormy weather is forecast), then to the credit union to deposit a weeks worth of client payments, followed by a stop at Trader Joes (buy only what you can carry to your car a few blocks away -- cutting down on impulse buys).  That my friends, was frugal Friday for us -- what about for you?

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