Saturday, July 18, 2015

Frugal With Five Veggies At Dinner!

Yet another frugal inspiration followed my reading of How to Hepburn: Lessons on Living from Kate the Great by Karen Karbo -- dinner should include 5 vegetables!  Easier wrote than accomplished.  Here is a photo of a recent kids meal: grilled cheese, tomato soup, corn, lettuce, apples (a fruit, not veggie) and potatoes.  We eat veggies here, but trying to put five on the plate for one meal was a challenge.  A challenge I enjoyed!  Veggies -- easy on the budget, great for our health, and excellent for Mother Earth.

Friday slid past me yesterday, backed with client meetings, heat warnings, and a sick senior cat.  Posting an update on  our purge fell to the bottom of my list, and simply never happened.  Today I can say we have now purged 1,405 items from our home.  This past week the increase was due mainly to a purge of childrens' books (we have quite a few duplicates) and downsizing my CD collection.  It shrank because I purged the jewel cases, but put the CDs in one large holder. Technically we purged items, keeping only the essential component -- removing the case and inserts.

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