Friday, July 3, 2015

Frugally Free and Lovin' It.

As we gear up to launch fireworks in small towns and huge cities, from coast to coast, celebrating independence -- ask yourself, how free are you?  If the answer is not enough, consider taking the frugal path in life, or if you already are on that path, picking up the pace.  Frugality spawns freedom.

Followers of this blog know our frugal house is working on freeing ourselves from 2,015 items this year.  As of today we have re-homed via donation, gifting, recycling, selling or trashing 1,321 items. Our recent increase was largely due to a purge of our oldest child's room, primarily his closet.  The departed items ranged from 3 year old puzzles to plastic airplanes he forgot he owned to clothing. Gone, gone, gone.  His closet now has plenty of space, so much that he created a fort inside with an indoor tent!

Many may think we are odd, aiming to reduce what we own.  It is garage sale season after all -- bargains to be had!  No, not for us.  I will admit that some dear friends have dropped off two huge boxes of clothing for our youngest child, and another dear friend has clothing for our older child.  I may be purging, but I am not going to pass up free clothes!  This influx is exempt from the rule of "if we buy something, then we purge something that doesn't count towards the purge".  Rules, you make them, you bend them, you do what you need to!

As for us, we have nothing on another set of friends.  A husband, wife and their twins are getting rid of it all to move to China where they will continue their teaching professions.  What are they taking with?  Just the most precious items that will fit in 8 suitcases and 8 moving boxes, and that is all. Imagine that challenge?

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