Saturday, July 25, 2015

Homemade Ocean Themed Birthday Cake - Someone's Turning 5!

Birthdays have morphed into extravagant affairs these days, even for the smallest among us.  Up until last year the children's birthdays were marked by both mom and dad taking the day off from work (significant when you are both self-employed) and spent the day focused on the child's favorite things.  Think beaches and mini-golf.

As they've grown older, the circle of friends and family has grown.  Enter the kid birthday party!  Last year both children had events at the Aldo Leopold Center.  This year our youngest is no longer in preschool and not yet in kindergarten, so instead of invite the whole class to party, we did a hybrid.  Invite our whole village to celebrate. We'll sing happy birthday, and then wander up to the free Opera in the Park later in the evening.

A home birthday party's price tag climbs quickly.  Food, drinks, utensils, activities.  We'll have paper mask making, dress-up musical chairs (or possibly just a dance party) and a pinata for the finale.  But what is a party without a cake!  Once again the guest of honor selected Betty Crocker's Midnight Chocolate Cake.  We mixed it up last night, both kiddos helped (it was late, and I'll admit, a few tears were shed, but did baked together!).  Here is how a simply cake became an Ocean Themed One:

White vanilla frosting was mixed with blue food coloring.  Rock candy started the transformation.

 Add in gummy sharks, turtles, fish, and then some Rainbow Goldfish as well as a few sprigs of mint -- and voila, a fun cake made in our own kitchen.  The memories will last forever!


  1. It looks extravagant in a way.

  2. It looks extravagant in a way.

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