Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Make It So....Bye Bye Lawn, Hello Frugal!

While my kids played soccer in the back yard with my husband, I pushed our push mower to the side and front yard.  The back was done, free and clear for a pick-up soccer game.  Out front my mind wandered to my plan to do away with the terrace grass.  What a waste of space, and quite frankly my energy. One day, one day I will have the grass turned to mulch and plant something.  Cat nip and other prolific herbs along with a sign that says "help yourself to some sprigs."  Kind of along the line of the Little Lending Libraries that have become some popular.  Seriously, take some and make this one less patch of earth that we need to mow!

As my mind wandered along came a lady with two dogs -- an older black lab and a younger yellow lab, who was quite curious about my soundless mower!  I smiled, getting a bit of a dog fix (I love dogs, one day?) and their walker lady said "I wish my yard were small enough for one of those" as she nodded towards my push mower.  No oil, no gas, just blade sharpening in the spring and some sweat equity.  I thought to myself, "well, then make it so.  Join my in my quest to minimize the green lawns that zap us of time and energy!"  Our front yard was once larger, but with each autumn a pile of leaves is strategically placed to kill the grass and create a rudimentary bed for plants.

Make it so, the upside of frugal is delightful!

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