Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Frugal Living: Delay Spending Money Until a Deal Is Seen

Working from home today, I wandered into the living room for something (I forget what) and was stopped short.  Why is a tree trimming crew in my backyard? -- the thought popped to mind.  I was under the impression the free work our utility company was doing was over, my assumption upon finding the pesky mulberry gone this past weekend.  But no, they were back, trimming yet another tree that I was thinking of paying to have trimmed.  Was it a comprehensive trim?  No, but it suits our needs for now.  Just another examples of how delay on purchases turns into a deal.  Trimmed trees, including one removal, for free.  I love it!

For those following along with our frugal ways, today we learned that our furnace (and A/C) installation plus exterior house painting fall under the possible federal tax break granted to historic homes.  Saving 25% on both items is huge for us, and we are moving forward with quotes, the application, etc.  Stay tuned to see if it really pays off.  Both were items we've known we should address, but delayed.  Recognizing the savings that we would not benefit from, we are moving forward, paying with cash, which also generates consumer savings.

And that is all from this frugal house in Madison.  Be well, and thanks for reading!

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