Friday, October 2, 2015

Heave-Ho, The Purge of 2015 Continues....

Weeks have passed, actually months have passed, since I've reported on our efforts to rid our frugal home of 2,015 items in 2015.  Why?  I pressed pause during the summer, conceding to the crush of having two kids home from school while working part-time as my husband underwent yet another round of hellishly long days (we're talking 12-18 hour days, 6 to 7 days a week).  One can only slay so many dragons in a day, and the purge was paused.

And then the school bell rang on September 1st.  Our wee-ones strapped on backpacks and joined the hundreds of kids at our local school.  All of a sudden, on occasion, I found myself at home in a quiet house.  A house where I could spend 30 minutes scooping up all the clutter we do not need, let alone even realize we have.  While his career still pushes my other frugal half to his limits, and my practice hums along, I have just enough time to resume my fight against all that we do not love and need.

Twenty-nine items left our frugal home in September, one fetched $50 on Craigslist -- a double bike trailer, one I had purchased used in 2013!  The rest were donated or recycled.  That brings our yearly total to 1,435 purge.  When you do the math you'll see we have 3 months to purge 580 items.  Can we do it?  Stay tuned.

For those who wonder why do they care about purging?  First and foremost, I cannot clean a house well when it is strewn with clutter.  Second, we find comfort in having just the things we love and cherish on hand -- I swear I can "hear" clutter.   And third, there is some value in the discarded.  Just this month it took 30 minute to clean-up, post and sell the bike trailer.  Freeing up space in our garage, and adding $50 to our budget.  And that is why 2015 is about the effort to say enough, heave-ho you go!

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