Saturday, October 31, 2015

Spooky Frugal Halloween: A treat and a fright!

Our day started with a treat, a friend dropped off two bags of surplus veggies from her CSA at the farmers' market.  Leeks, squash, carrots -- a true delight!

Then I opened the mail and received a fright.  Our health insurance, an individual plan outside of "the market place" informing us that our old grandfathered plan is ending, and the new one will offer all the coverage mandated by law.  With that coverage, our policy will go from $540/month to $1500/month, and that is with an $10,000 annual family deductible (yes, we pay the first $10k out of pocket with HSA dollars or our budget).  We've scanned other options out there, but are not pleased with what is offered.  This will be a hard pill to swallow -- health coverage greater than our mortgage.

Be well, enjoy the evening stroll if you have little ones in your life. The gentle rain of the morning begins to end, promising a gray, wet, but not rainy Halloween night here in Madison.

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