Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fall Leaves on a Frugal Yard

What do you do with your fall leaves?  Seems to be the social media question of the week!

  • Do nothing, let them decompose
  • Mulch with a mower
  • Rake them into compost
  • Hire a company to blow them into a large truck to be hauled away
That seems to be the spectrum.  Earlier this week I fell into the third category, rake them into my flower beds (the compost is too far off -- that is where the backyard leaves will go).  Before doing so I tossed down an old cotton sheet (thank you purge of 2015 for making me recognize this unneeded item) as well as pizza boxes I had saved for this very purpose last year when our youngest turned 5 with a pizza party at home.  Organic material, dosed with water, topped with dead leaves, and dosed with water.

Oddly, around the corner my neighbors took option D.  Count them, 6 as in SIX, garden workers, all armed with cordless blowers, returned them to a blanket of green gas.  We noticed this on our walk home from school, as I explained to the kids that our warm weather (70s in November in Wisconsin!) is likely due to a hot/cold cycle, but even more so by humans nasty habit of burning fossil fuels, which heat up the earth.  And voila, 6 men with blowers caring for your run of the mill semi-urban yard.  All I could do was shake my frugal head, and then show the kids how I had taken care of the leaves.  To each their own I suppose.

Option D

Option C

Next I plan to put some of our compost on the top to weigh this down even more.  Next Spring we'll try some veggie plants in the ground as well as transplant a few perennials.  Have any frugal ideas for our garden?  If so, please leave a comment.  Thanks for reading.

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