Monday, November 23, 2015

The Purge of 2015

Nothing stokes the fire of my 2015 purge more than time at the office.  Why?  When your professional work takes you to the home of the recently departed to sort through items for essential paperwork, and you leave with the family finding the most cost effective way to deal with the unwanted items is to "trash" it, well you want to do all you can to prevent your stuff from the same fate.  Be selective, buy quality, routinely purge, make sure what can be salvaged is via donation or recycle or using it up.  The drive was lovely, but the visit was heavy on the mind.  As the weeks count down towards December 31st we have removed 1,597 items from our home.  Of late I've been distracted by the demands of life, neglecting posts here on frugal and neglecting the purge.  Will we pull off the 450 more items?  I have no idea, but after today I am going to give in my all.  Stay tuned.

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