Sunday, June 4, 2017

Hop On the Bus Gus!

Riding and Reading -- touching the future through parenting decisions.
Some things I cannot control, this I accept.  I can disagree with a decision to remove our country from the Paris Climate Control Agreement, but I cannot control the decision.  Yet there are things I can do, and so I will.  Saturday we focused on both the immediate and the long-term, all by taking the bus.

Once a month the University of Wisconsin Discovery Center hosts Saturday Science, which is basically a themed science fair for kids.  It is awesome, hands-on science for kids (best suited for 1st-8th grade), and it is free!  Normally we drive down to campus and park (space permitting) in the free ramp.  Not this time.  We took the Metro Bus.  First stop, the Discovery Center where the kids learned about the various senses: making noise makers, calculating their horsepower strength, tasting foods while wearing 3D glasses showing them images of blueberries, etc.  After that was done we hoofed it on food a few blocks to our favorite pizza place, Ian's Pizza.  We fueled up and filled up our water bottles and walked one mile to the Budget Bicycle Service Center to reclaim Mama's bike and Papa's winter bike (which serves as his back-up for summer commutes).   We gladly took our Wisconsin Bike Federation discount for the parts (saved us $40), and then scurried to the bus stop to grab the #6 back home.  Our plan hit a bump with the bus arrived with only one spot on the bike rack. A snap was decision to put Mama's bike on the bus; mom and kids bus it home while dad biked with his newly tuned bicycle.

Saturday we used the power of a bus that was already going to zip by our house and kept our Honda off the road.  We also empowered our kids to be just a  bit more comfortable navigating their world without the need for an automobile -- a long-term goal.  We joke that my husband can think of a song for everything.  This time Mama came up with one, Hop on the Bus Gus from 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover.  It fits considering the kids middle name is my maiden name, Gustafson.  In years to come I hope this little jingle will pop into their heads when they have to decide what type of transport to use.

What personal steps are you taking on the frugal path that are good for your wallet, health, and Mother Earth?  Leave a comment and share!

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