Saturday, June 3, 2017

Outsourced Garage Sale

Summer weather is making its way to Madison, Wisconsin.  Flowers are in bloom, and street corners sprout the ubiquitous garage sale signs.  Given my work schedule and parenting obligations, running a garage sale is simply not feasible.  The math simply doesn't add up; especially when these sales are primarily held on a work day.  But this year my frugal mind had an idea -- give all the outgrown and neglected items we could gather up to a neighbor down the way.  She was holding a sale and needed more items. It was as easy as easy can be!

  1. Gather items to purge;
  2. Mark each with masking tape and my initials to identify our stuff;
  3. Box up and cart over to her house;
  4. Drop at the door; and
  5. She'll keep 50% of the sales, the rest she'll drop off.
In the past this same neighbor has helped liquidate items when we moved offices and when my mother died and we needed to purge items from her home.  She keeps a list, notes the selling price, and passes on the cash.  It is an ideal way for someone with a frugal heart to participate in garage sale season without having to spend all that time and effort setting up, running, and then cleaning up.  Remember, time is often our most precious commodity -- spend it wisely.

What's your favorite frugal way to turn clutter into cash?

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