Monday, June 5, 2017

School Is Out For The Summer!

Summer Break!  Technically the Madison Public School's Summer Break has not yet started.  Classes run through this Thursday, but my mind is ahead of me, dreaming of mornings with no 5:30 alarm or evenings helping the kids with spelling and math homework.  What does this frugalista plan to do with her extra time?  Read!

In reality I won't have that much extra time since I'll be practicing law at my day job while the kids enjoy summer camp, but there will be a definite let up in the daily grind.  Wisely I opted to take the first week of summer off; no camps for them, no office for me.  Governor Dodge State Park and our own back yard and side yard garden are at the top of our to-do agenda.  And lounging in the yard or at the beach is not complete without some good reading material.

Being frugal does not mean you must give up purchases; in my mind being frugal means you are efficient with your time and money.  Life without pleasures really isn't a life worth living, so even though we are frugal we do not deny ourselves a few indulgences.  Books are one for me, the other major area of expenditure would be travel (more on that in the future).  My frugal move of the day was buying Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders.

After classes and word ended the kids and I headed to our local Barnes and Noble where we bought a membership this past January.  We bought some items for a child's birthday party my youngest will attend over the weekend, both of my budding book worms brought home a paperback to loose themselves with, and Mama got the book I decided to buy after hearing about it at my last meeting of Book Club With a Twist (monthly book club where we go out to eat and simply talk books -- no one book to read, no pressure to pick a book everyone will like), Lincoln in the Bardo.  Barnes & Nobel had it for 20% off, my membership knocked another 10% off, and then for the cherry on top there was another 20% off coupon for the store I'd received in the mail.  All in all I got the book for $16.

Wishing you all the best this summer.  Whether it be books, travel, gardening, movies, or home repairs, may it be a frugal and delightful path you follow!

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