Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Last Call for Rewards

Lincoln Park Zoo Lights, Chicago, IL -- FREE

Propelled by urgent issues at work, kids holiday events, and planning a short trip to Chicago pre-holiday, one item on my to-do list could not wait.  Claiming the Healthy Living Reward Points offered by the health insurance provider we used in 2017, SSM Health.

The web site was not easy to use at first, but clicking here and there, noting the preventive and healthy steps we took this year, in under 30 minutes I secured $200 in gift cards for Target.  Our claim was submitted around the 15th of December, and the gift cards were waiting in our pile of mail when we returned from our visit to Chicago. 

With a few days left in 2017 ask yourself, are there any reward points I should claim before the clock strikes midnight on the 31st?  Don't let precious dollars slip through your fingers!

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  1. Those gift cards insurance companies give for preventative health are not much work but easy to forget.